Solar Water Heater

By on 12-02-2019 in Energy Efficiency

Water heating costs take up a chunk of the price you see on your monthly energy bill. Many homeowners still use electric water heaters so they can enjoy hot water straight from the faucet on demand. After all, who would enjoy a chilly and cold bath after a long day’s work? Thankfully, a more cost-effective option is now available in the form of the solar water heater.

Using solar power, this type of water heater is a great investment that pays for itself over time. Within just a few years, you can enjoy huge returns from your solar investment because you’re saving a lot of money from reduced power costs.

A solar water heater may or may not work at night. Because it uses solar energy which is sourced from sunlight, this type of water heater can work continuously during the daytime. If you want to keep having heated water using solar at night or on cloudy days, you may ask your solar contractor about solar batteries.

The concept is the same with solar PV systems – a solar battery can store the excess energy you’re getting throughout the day so you may use it come night time. Note that there are many kinds of solar hot water products available on the market. To maximize its benefits and for a longer-lasting efficiency, it is best to get this solar product and service from a licensed contractor.

Especially when you have a large household or a place of business that requires plenty of warm water all the time, switching to solar for your water heating needs is definitely a great opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Reach out to your local solar contractor for assistance and they will help you determine the best type of solar water heating system for your property.