Solar Lantern

By on 2-09-2018 in Energy Efficiency

Most of the people like doing adventurous holidays and doing camping.  They go to an area like forests or hilltops and set up their small camp to enjoy time away from city noise. In such adventurous trips, light equipment is very important.  Most of such travelers prefer to take the solar lantern to light up during the dark night.

Solar lantern gets energy from sunlight. They have an inbuilt solar charger and a power storage battery which can get recharged by using sunlight.  You can easily recharge your solar lantern during the daytime and can use it in the night to kill the darkness.

Most of the solar lantern power by solar energy in the daytime can stay illuminated up to 12 hours in the night.  Their performance is much better during summer as the sun is very clear and bright in this season. In cloudy weather, the capacity of solar lantern gets decreased and lights might not stay as long as it does in summer.

They are very easy to use and install.  As they have inbuilt battery and chargers, you just need to place them at an area where a direct sunlight is coming to their charger and it will start converting sunlight into the energy and will recharge the battery for use.  There is no need to purchase any wire or any other lighting parts. They are enviro-friendly because they do not require any extra power supply.  It is a free light for your outdoor vacation.

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