How to Increase Storage Space in Your Garage?

By on 1-13-2020 in Home Improvement

The garage is the most overlooked area of any house. Still, it is the important portion as you stack a lot of stuff in it, such as seasonal things and more. It is the only place where you can dump items and forget about them. But long term stacking can lead to limited space for your car and may make your garage look messy. So here we are with ideas to keep your garage organized and add space to it.

Garage Cabinets: If you still do not have cabinets in the garage and have been stacking stuff in boxes, you should invest in garage cabinets to make it look more organized.

Wall Organizer: The wall space can be used for hanging stuff that has been lying on the floor for a while, such as a hose, garden tools, and more.

Ceiling Storage: Install ceiling mounted racks for extra overhead storage. Use sturdy shelves for added safety. Use the storage for keeping lightweight items like old clothes and some papers.

Folding workstation: Install a wall-mounted workstation if you use the garage for crafting.

Magnetic Boards: For nuts and bolts, have a magnetic board. The board will make the garage look a well-maintained space.

Hang the Wheelbarrow: The wheelbarrow may take up a lot of space on the floor. Hanging it on the wall can add space.

Tie and Keep aside the wires: Wires lying on the floor can make your garage look cluttered and messy. Wrap and tie them to keep it alone under the table or hang it on the wall hook.

You can add so much space to the garage by being creative. Try to think of ways you can hide the clutter and keep the stuff organized in the garage to make it look spacious.