Home Cleaning

By on 12-26-2017 in Cleaning Tips and Tool, Home Improvement

We all want protect our home through proper maintenance and judicious cleaning. Keeping things neat and tidy around the house not only keeps ourselves and our families healthy but also keeps our belongings in good working order. Housekeeping means more than just dusting off shelves or mopping across a floor. Proper housekeeping ensures a safe environment for the children and the elderly.

Every time you open your doors for someone to enter, you open gates for the microbes to enter with them too. In their shoes, slippers, clothes and what not do they carry dirt and germs. So, it is very necessary to keep your house clean and maintained. Yes, you can choose to tilt the blinds so the dust isn’t visible and wait a few weeks before changing the bed sheets, but luckily it’s now easier and more acceptable than ever to outsource the housework.

Dedicate a few hours to cleaning every day, while your kids are in school or kindergarten. Also, make sure to clean the house from the inside out and from top to bottom so that you don’t get the cleaned areas dirty again as you work on the next part. Start your cleaning early and you can relax for the rest of the day.

When seasons change, a lot of stuff has to be replaced. Chimneys become usable all of a sudden. It is necessary to conduct a chimney sweep before you make your first winter fire. Organize your closet in such a way that seasonal clothes are easily accessible. Pack away those that are not weather-appropriate for the meantime.

Somewhere between daily and weekly you’ll also need to take care of the washing. You can expect to spend around half an hour per load by the time it’s put in the wash, hung out to dry and put back in the wardrobe! Having a regular cleaner takes the stress and guilt out of spending your weekends cleaning.

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