Five Things to Know About Quartz Countertops

By on 2-14-2020 in Home Improvement

Planning to remodel the house with quartz countertops? We all know that quartz makes it the best countertop stone for the home. However, it essential to see the stone well before having it installed all over the house. So, here we are with five things you don’t know about quartz countertops.

1. They Aren’t Solid As You Expect Them To Be: Quartz is generally not durable. So in order for it to become more durable for your countertops, other materials are mixed in with it. 10% of the volume of quartz is a cement-based binder. And the rest of the 90% is crushed up marble, natural stone, granite, and industrial waste.

2. They All Come from One Source: Quartz countertops are engineered stone manufactured through the Bretonstone technology, which was first invented by Breton 50 years back. Most large manufacturers use the same technique for crafting the countertops.

3. Quartz Countertops Are Naturally Green: The fact that the quartz countertops are green should not be misled with the crushing of the green trees. The countertops were not made by the crushing down of the green trees. Instead, it is water products or recycled products used in the countertop that makes it look green in color.

4. Quartz Are Used in Flooring: Often, families, think of adding quartz countertop on the kitchen and bathroom countertop. However, we often overlook that the floor we walk over most of the time is many times quartz!

5. Quartz vs. Granite: Granite is a natural stone and quartz is an engineered stone. Granite stone comes in different color shades of blue and green. Quartz has natural variations of colors. Both stones look attractive as kitchen countertops and are always in demand. Both quartz and granite countertops call for care and proper maintenance.

Quartz countertops can add an elegant touch to the kitchen and bathroom. They look spectacular when maintained and cared for regularly. Quartz is not durable and robust as compared to the natural stone countertops, but when installed and maintained properly, you can expect it to last for many years. So you must definitely learn the proper way on how to clean kitchen countertops and ask your installation contractor for tips on how to better maintain and care for your quartz countertops.