Cleaning Solar Panels

By on 2-14-2018 in Cleaning Tips and Tool, Energy Efficiency

Solar panels with dust or dirt on it can become inefficient and will reduce power output by blocking sunlight to the panel glass. A dirty air with dust or ash particles can fallout on your solar panels installed on a rooftop. To help your solar panel work efficient on regular basis, it is very important to keep on cleaning them regularly.

Cleaning your solar panel is not a difficult task and they can be cleaned by using basic materials, like, a soft brush, extended pole, a long hose which can reach to your panel safely, mild soap, and a bucket of water.  You can use these tools to mildly cleaning your solar panel by rubbing and wiping water on it.

You should always plan to clean your solar panel when it is cold weather outside. The best time is either in morning or in the evening when the solar panel glass is not heated with sunlight on it.  It will prevent solar panel glass from breaking out due to cold water on a hot surface.

You can simply fill your basin with clean water and cleanser. Flush off your panel with the hose to eject all free soil. Plunge your rub brush and clean the whole surface of the panels until clean. Make sure you don’t touch the sides or underside of the panel. Additionally, keep away from contact with any wiring or links. Wash off and then sponge dry.

You need to be extra careful if cleaning your solar panel by standing up on the roof.  Always ensure that you have appropriate support to help you stand there. Check if your ladder is set safely and be mindful of slipping shallow.

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