Energy Efficient AC Systems

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the importance of energy efficient AC systems. These systems cannot only make your home much more comfortable, but also save a lot on your utility bill. These systems are specially built with all of the latest technology to perform at a peak level. And the good thing is, they do not cost much more money than the older systems which are much less efficient. So whether you have a new system or an old system you should consider an inspection to make sure your system is performing at its best.

There are many companies that can perform free inspections to check the energy efficiency of your system. Eggert Cooling and Heating is a company that performs AC inspections at little or no cost. Hiring a reputable company, even if it cost you a little bit for the inspection, can save you a lot of money in the future in terms of operating cost or a system failure. Make sure you do your research and talk to your neighbors, and only hire a company with a good reputation for fair pricing!


Solar Water Heater

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Water heating costs take up a chunk of the price you see on your monthly energy bill. Many homeowners still use electric water heaters so they can enjoy hot water straight from the faucet on demand. After all, who would enjoy a chilly and cold bath after a long day’s work? Thankfully, a more cost-effective option is now available in the form of the solar water heater.

Using solar power, this type of water heater is a great investment that pays for itself over time. Within just a few years, you can enjoy huge returns from your solar investment because you’re saving a lot of money from reduced power costs.

A solar water heater may or may not work at night. Because it uses solar energy which is sourced from sunlight, this type of water heater can work continuously during the daytime. If you want to keep having heated water using solar at night or on cloudy days, you may ask your solar contractor about solar batteries.

The concept is the same with solar PV systems – a solar battery can store the excess energy you’re getting throughout the day so you may use it come night time. Note that there are many kinds of solar hot water products available on the market. To maximize its benefits and for a longer-lasting efficiency, it is best to get this solar product and service from a licensed contractor.

Especially when you have a large household or a place of business that requires plenty of warm water all the time, switching to solar for your water heating needs is definitely a great opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Reach out to your local solar contractor for assistance and they will help you determine the best type of solar water heating system for your property.

How to Choose a Solar Contractor

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The solar industry is a huge one. Nowadays, more and more property owners are looking for ways to become friendlier to the environment and reduce energy costs at the same time. Switching to solar power is one of the best ways to do it. Of course, for you to make your home solar-powered one, you have to choose a solar contractor.

There are plenty of solar contractors in business today. Because the demand is huge, the market gave the people what they needed – reliable solar companies that can help them make the huge switch. So how will you know if you’re getting a good company to work with? Here are some factors you should be considering.

  1. Licensed – You must look for a licensed company to ensure that you’re acquiring legal services. These companies won’t get their license if they’re not certified to carry out proper solar services.
  2. Portfolio – Check out the company’s portfolio too. Find more about their successful projects to see what you’re getting into.
  3. Local – Look for someone that’s available in your local service area. More often, those located in farther places would charge you more. Furthermore, if you encounter problems in the future, you know it would be easy to reach out for assistance.
  4. Reviews – Thanks to the Internet, real customer reviews are now within reach. Find out what other people have to say about this solar contractor.

Looking for the company with the lowest rates isn’t always the best thing to do. It would be more ideal to look for a solar contractor offering reasonable rates and exceptional services.

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Solar Panel Replacement

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When a solar panel in your property gets damaged or is already due for replacement, the first and foremost thing you have to do is call your solar contractor. However, some owners choose to DIY replacement thinking that they might be able to save more. It’s understandable. All of us want to find ways to save. But when it comes to solar panel replacement, it is truly most ideal to call a licensed solar contractor for assistance.

Solar panels are ideally very durable. High-quality ones last for a couple of decades or more. But there are some instances when solar panels need to be replaced such as when they get old and inefficient. Some get damaged when exposed to varying weather conditions or when foreign objects fall on it and break it.

The Importance of Calling a Solar Contractor

As earlier mentioned, it is always most ideal to call a licensed contractor to replace damaged solar panels. The contractor will help you source the best quality materials and offer to get the job done in a safe, timely and proper manner.

More importantly, in the case of damaged solar panels, there could be times when the damage is still covered by the warranty that comes with your initial installation. It is best to ask your contractor to check on this information.

In addition, contractors would make sure that your new set of solar panels are top notch and would last for a long time. If certain conditions such as the location or the position of the panels caused damaged to them, then changes must be done as a preventive measure.

Huge Savings with Solar Energy

If you had solar panels installed in your home for quite some time already, then you must already be enjoying the many benefits that come with it. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint by using a clean energy source and having a reliable power source that you can use even when there are power interruptions from your local energy company, the biggest benefit offered by solar energy are reduced energy bills.

Since you are already saving a lot from using solar panels, be willing to invest in it to ensure that it remains efficient. Should you need solar panel replacement service, do call a licensed and trusted contractor.

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Cleaning Solar Panels

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Solar panels with dust or dirt on it can become inefficient and will reduce power output by blocking sunlight to the panel glass. A dirty air with dust or ash particles can fallout on your solar panels installed on a rooftop. To help your solar panel work efficient on regular basis, it is very important to keep on cleaning them regularly.

Cleaning your solar panel is not a difficult task and they can be cleaned by using basic materials, like, a soft brush, extended pole, a long hose which can reach to your panel safely, mild soap, and a bucket of water.  You can use these tools to mildly cleaning your solar panel by rubbing and wiping water on it.

You should always plan to clean your solar panel when it is cold weather outside. The best time is either in morning or in the evening when the solar panel glass is not heated with sunlight on it.  It will prevent solar panel glass from breaking out due to cold water on a hot surface.

You can simply fill your basin with clean water and cleanser. Flush off your panel with the hose to eject all free soil. Plunge your rub brush and clean the whole surface of the panels until clean. Make sure you don’t touch the sides or underside of the panel. Additionally, keep away from contact with any wiring or links. Wash off and then sponge dry.

You need to be extra careful if cleaning your solar panel by standing up on the roof.  Always ensure that you have appropriate support to help you stand there. Check if your ladder is set safely and be mindful of slipping shallow.

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Solar Lantern

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Most of the people like doing adventurous holidays and doing camping.  They go to an area like forests or hilltops and set up their small camp to enjoy time away from city noise. In such adventurous trips, light equipment is very important.  Most of such travelers prefer to take the solar lantern to light up during the dark night.

Solar lantern gets energy from sunlight. They have an inbuilt solar charger and a power storage battery which can get recharged by using sunlight.  You can easily recharge your solar lantern during the daytime and can use it in the night to kill the darkness.

Most of the solar lantern power by solar energy in the daytime can stay illuminated up to 12 hours in the night.  Their performance is much better during summer as the sun is very clear and bright in this season. In cloudy weather, the capacity of solar lantern gets decreased and lights might not stay as long as it does in summer.

They are very easy to use and install.  As they have inbuilt battery and chargers, you just need to place them at an area where a direct sunlight is coming to their charger and it will start converting sunlight into the energy and will recharge the battery for use.  There is no need to purchase any wire or any other lighting parts. They are enviro-friendly because they do not require any extra power supply.  It is a free light for your outdoor vacation.

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