Calculating Kitchen Remodelling Cost

By on 8-26-2019 in Home Improvement

Remodeling your kitchen can certainly improve the home life as the kitchen is the heart of the house where most members of the family gather to eat and talk about the day. While not all households do kitchen remodels, there are still some who understand its importance. On average, an American family can spend anything from $12,000 to $33,000 on remodeling the kitchen. The actual cost, however, depends on several factors including:

1. Architect: An architect usually charges somewhere between $60-120 per hour. If you plan to have the kitchen remodeled by an architect be ready to pay the amount for the time he spends in designing a new kitchen. However, there are also times when an architect would charge per project and not per hour. In addition, there are also kitchen remodels that don’t require architect assistance anymore.

2. Contractor: You will definitely need to hire a contractor to supply the materials and provide workers to remodel your kitchen. A contractor may charge you somewhere around $300 to $500 a day and you will have to pay an extra amount of around $200 per laborer. Of course, some contractors would charge way more than that.

3. Certified Designer: Hiring a certified designer will add to the cost with you paying him from $40 to $75 an hour. To save this cost, you can work with your contractor and ask for expert advice and recommendations. There’s also an abundance of design inspirations you can find online.

Looking at the huge expenses involved in the remodeling of the kitchen, it is wise to set a budget first-hand. Inform your contractor about your budget so they can work around that. Choose wisely as which material you will like to use. You can also save on the expensive remodeling by doing some of the labor by yourself with tasks such as painting and designing.

A kitchen remodeling project can be expensive. It may take days to complete. Plan as to how things will work out and do this accordingly. You may have to contact an electrician and plumber as well to make sure the electricity and water supply is not damaged by a remodeling project.

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