How To Clean Kitchen Countertops

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The kitchen countertop is versatile in its usage. There is so much you can do with the countertop; for instance, you can do your homework, drop your stuff, and more. Therefore, it is essential to keep them neat and clean. Here is a quick guide to help you maintain the shine of the countertop and keep them clean all the time.

Kitchen remodelling can be very expensive. Even when you’re just replacing countertops, prices can build up depending on the size and condition of your kitchen. So to make sure you’re not spending too much on the cost of a kitchen remodel, try learning more about how to clean kitchen countertops by checking out these tips below: 

1. Wipe it every day: The thumb rule of keeping the countertop clean is to wipe the stains as they appear. In case you have a busy schedule, you can at least wipe it before you go to bed.

2. Baking soda and vinegar: For a tough stain, use baking soda and vinegar but use either of them at a time as their combination can damage the lamination of the countertops. Sprinkle some baking soda on the tough stain. You can also add a spoon of baking soda in 30 ml of water and sprinkle the solution on the stains. Let it rest for five to ten minutes and wipe it with a cloth. Similarly, pour vinegar on tough stains and let it sit for some time and then wipe it off.

3. Dish Washing Liquid: For daily cleaning and wiping, use dishwashing liquid. Pour the solution directly on the stain or mix it with water for easy cleaning.

4. Never Scrub: If you want to ensure the shine and appeal of the countertop. Never scrub its surface, and the damage thus caused may cause additional expenses. The surface of the countertop, once damaged, may require resealing and professional help.

Your kitchen will shine if you keep the countertops neat and clean. Daily wiping is the right way to keep them fresh throughout the day.

Solar Water Heater

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Water heating costs take up a chunk of the price you see on your monthly energy bill. Many homeowners still use electric water heaters so they can enjoy hot water straight from the faucet on demand. After all, who would enjoy a chilly and cold bath after a long day’s work? Thankfully, a more cost-effective option is now available in the form of the solar water heater.

Using solar power, this type of water heater is a great investment that pays for itself over time. Within just a few years, you can enjoy huge returns from your solar investment because you’re saving a lot of money from reduced power costs.

A solar water heater may or may not work at night. Because it uses solar energy which is sourced from sunlight, this type of water heater can work continuously during the daytime. If you want to keep having heated water using solar at night or on cloudy days, you may ask your solar contractor about solar batteries.

The concept is the same with solar PV systems – a solar battery can store the excess energy you’re getting throughout the day so you may use it come night time. Note that there are many kinds of solar hot water products available on the market. To maximize its benefits and for a longer-lasting efficiency, it is best to get this solar product and service from a licensed contractor.

Especially when you have a large household or a place of business that requires plenty of warm water all the time, switching to solar for your water heating needs is definitely a great opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Reach out to your local solar contractor for assistance and they will help you determine the best type of solar water heating system for your property.

Calculating Kitchen Remodelling Cost

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Remodeling your kitchen can certainly improve the home life as the kitchen is the heart of the house where most members of the family gather to eat and talk about the day. While not all households do kitchen remodels, there are still some who understand its importance. On average, an American family can spend anything from $12,000 to $33,000 on remodeling the kitchen. The actual cost, however, depends on several factors including:

1. Architect: An architect usually charges somewhere between $60-120 per hour. If you plan to have the kitchen remodeled by an architect be ready to pay the amount for the time he spends in designing a new kitchen. However, there are also times when an architect would charge per project and not per hour. In addition, there are also kitchen remodels that don’t require architect assistance anymore.

2. Contractor: You will definitely need to hire a contractor to supply the materials and provide workers to remodel your kitchen. A contractor may charge you somewhere around $300 to $500 a day and you will have to pay an extra amount of around $200 per laborer. Of course, some contractors would charge way more than that.

3. Certified Designer: Hiring a certified designer will add to the cost with you paying him from $40 to $75 an hour. To save this cost, you can work with your contractor and ask for expert advice and recommendations. There’s also an abundance of design inspirations you can find online.

Looking at the huge expenses involved in the remodeling of the kitchen, it is wise to set a budget first-hand. Inform your contractor about your budget so they can work around that. Choose wisely as which material you will like to use. You can also save on the expensive remodeling by doing some of the labor by yourself with tasks such as painting and designing.

A kitchen remodeling project can be expensive. It may take days to complete. Plan as to how things will work out and do this accordingly. You may have to contact an electrician and plumber as well to make sure the electricity and water supply is not damaged by a remodeling project.

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How to Choose a Solar Contractor

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The solar industry is a huge one. Nowadays, more and more property owners are looking for ways to become friendlier to the environment and reduce energy costs at the same time. Switching to solar power is one of the best ways to do it. Of course, for you to make your home solar-powered one, you have to choose a solar contractor.

There are plenty of solar contractors in business today. Because the demand is huge, the market gave the people what they needed – reliable solar companies that can help them make the huge switch. So how will you know if you’re getting a good company to work with? Here are some factors you should be considering.

  1. Licensed – You must look for a licensed company to ensure that you’re acquiring legal services. These companies won’t get their license if they’re not certified to carry out proper solar services.
  2. Portfolio – Check out the company’s portfolio too. Find more about their successful projects to see what you’re getting into.
  3. Local – Look for someone that’s available in your local service area. More often, those located in farther places would charge you more. Furthermore, if you encounter problems in the future, you know it would be easy to reach out for assistance.
  4. Reviews – Thanks to the Internet, real customer reviews are now within reach. Find out what other people have to say about this solar contractor.

Looking for the company with the lowest rates isn’t always the best thing to do. It would be more ideal to look for a solar contractor offering reasonable rates and exceptional services.

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Granite Kitchen Countertops

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Is it time to replace your kitchen countertops already? Or perhaps you’re in the planning stage of your new home or kitchen remodel? You must have heard how great granite is as a material to use for your kitchen countertops. Granite may be a little more expensive compared to other materials that can be used for countertops but it offers a number of benefits that make every penny worth it.

First of all, you must know that if you’re planning on getting new countertops installed, especially if you’re using materials like granite, it’s best to seek the assistance of a licensed and experienced contractor. This way, you can be sure that the materials used are high-quality and the countertops would be built to last for a very long time.

If you’re still in doubt on whether granite is actually a good choice or not, here are some of its benefits that you should know about.

Granite is beautiful – You can choose from numerous colors so that your granite kitchen countertops would match the rest of your kitchen. It’s a very elegant material and it’s timeless too. It doesn’t rely on trends. This means that years from today, your granite kitchen countertops would still look great.

Very durable and heat-resistant – Granite won’t crack or break easily. More importantly, it is heat-resistant which makes it ideal for your kitchen. Even if you place hot plates, pans, and pots on top of it, it won’t melt or get damaged.

Low-maintenance – Granite is very easy to clean and maintain. With proper granite sealing, you don’t need to re-seal it again within the next few years.

There are many more reasons you should get granite kitchen countertops. If you’ve decided already, reach out to your local contractor for installation!

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